GTA Online: How to get the Cliffford sweatshirt, the Bomber Cliffford jacket and the black rockstar jacket

GTA online’s blows are the main protagonists of this month and much eye to them because they will allow you Black rock star t-shirt , as we are going to explain in this guide.

How to get the Clifford sweatshirt and the black rock star sweatshirt

Of all the blows that exist there are one that you cannot overlook and is the blow of the final judgment , because by neutralizing the global threat they will deliver in return the Clifford sweatshirt, but you will also receive in return an additional 50% of dollars and reputation points, to suppose a greater incentive.

In order for this task to find something simpler, you can take advantage of the fact that a 50% discount has been activated in the data filtration preparation costs, the Bogdan problem and the stage of the final judgment, along with a reduction of 35 % in gas masks that will be very useful in this concrete blow.

In fact, entering the submarine and Make the mission without problems the problem Bogdan , it also has its own reward, because in this case you will get the Bomber Clifford jacket, so that you have more articles to fill your closet.

To finish off the play, the simple fact that you connect at some point to the game will also make you go empty, because you will get the black rock star shirt for the simple fact of Connect before November 9 .


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