[Gem ㅊ ㅊ] We also support Korean, 5 Lim World Like Games

Recently, Rim World is flying once again with the addition of Biotech DLC. Unlike the simple visuals, it is a magical game and a story generator that melts time with constant variables such as resources and environments as well as resources and environments, their ideas and hostile forces.

For Newbies, it’s a game that’s most suitable for outlaws because of its high difficulty and incredibly broad diversity. Today’s [Gem ㅊ] has picked up similar genres of games that can replace them for beginners who want to understand the system or how to cope before the rim world is strangely missing or entering.

One. Oxygen Alluded

The first game I will introduce is Clay Entertainment’s game, Oxygen Alluded, which is well known as a developer of Dona. It is a game that has overwhelming and vast variables that players who have nearly 1,000 hours understand the game, finish the tutorial, and that they have not been able to buy it.

In particular, the game is said to be evil because of the variables that occur in all kinds of environment and chemical factors. This is because the chemical properties of oxygen and carbon dioxide, as well as numerical fluctuations and status based on all kinds of science, such as sudden changes in bar body, shakes up their minds. If you know the main trend of the game, you may be able to cope with these elements, but by the time you have such skills, the player’s play time has already surpassed three digits.

2. Dwarf Fortress

Next is the game Dwarf Fortress with a classic graphics. It’s a famous title for the game that inspired Rim World. The excessive detailed settings that have begun to be added since the launch do not know where and the back of the user, and the trivial problem of unexpectedly unexpected places is to roll the snowball to create an amazing consequence of destroying the fine world. I think it’s not much different.

Bond Dwarf Fortress was a free game of Ask graphics, but it will be sold on December 6th, which was changed to a fee instead of modernizing the graphics for personal reasons. In addition to adding graphics, it is said that the UI has been introduced for convenience.

3. Factory

Factory is also not a bad game to focus on sequential progress through resources, structure and automation. As the content that fits the game title, such as resource collection, technology research, infrastructure construction, and automation production, is the alpha and omega of the game, the player only needs to invest everything in production, mechanization and automation with the goal of perfect automation. Of course, perfect defense is also essential to prevent enemies invading from outside.

It is the Factory Review window that proves that it is most clear as the pagoda. More than 10,000 hours of players that are hard to meet easily, leaving their own survival. In the steam description window, ‘Give Discount: We don’t plan to participate in discounts or cut prices for the time being, but it will be unfortunate for those who are trying to get a discount, but if you chew on the play time of users than any other game, I think it’s a rainy game.

4. Prison Architect

Next is the Prison Architect, which was introduced in the last pioneer simulator recommendation. The main thing is to solve the given sites, limited resources, prisoners’ complaints or psychological problems, and gradually organize the situation. In addition, if DLC or modes are added, it is possible to secure resources through agriculture and self-sufficiency, and to meet several similar elements such as threatening life as an unexpected human life.

Most of all, it is graphic that the rim world and the Prison architect feel similar. In fact, the rim world was initially borrowed from the Prison Architect’s asset. Of course, the Prison Architect doesn’t have as much detail as the rim world, but it’s still a game that manages this resource management and environmental management and large-scale number of people.

5. Honey, child joint associated

The last recommended game is ‘Honey, Join A Cult’ released on the 7th. The main goal is to collect believers and expand scale in the 1970s cult religion. The important thing is that the player is not a bridge, but even the lord is subject to management. In this process, it is necessary to consider secret operations, new technologies, and secret worship targets. Stick to the background of the time, you should not neglect to implement group farms.

Overall, the background is only the point of ‘cult religion’, and the basic system has a similar trend to the previous games. As it is a freshly released game, the content is only less than these. Nevertheless, the reason for recommending this game is because of its relatively friendly UI. For those who want to enter this genre, or who are looking for a gentle taste, it’s pretty good news. There are relatively small variables and the factors to manage are not complicated, so if you want to learn this kind of game system or flow, you may want to consider it.

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