Craft tone, participate in G -Star for six consecutive years. Calisto Protocol world first public demonstration

Craft ton (CEO Kim Changchun) will participate in the international game exhibition ‘G-STAR 2022 (G-Star)’ held in BEX CO, Susan from November 17 to 20. Crampon has participated in G-Star, the largest game show in Korea since 2017, delivering a new game experience to gamers and visitors, and has set up a booth for six consecutive years.

Crampon will showcase various game IPs through the experience zone and stage at the BEX CO BTC Hall (1 floor A04 booth). PUBG, Crampon’s representative IP: We will introduce games of independent studios with differentiated creative identity around Battleground (hereinafter referred to as Battleground), which satisfies the expectations of visitors looking for Craft ton booths and various game experiences. It is a strategy to provide.

First, this year, we can play the Survival Horror Game ‘The Callisto Protocol’ of the Striking Distance Studio (Inc., SDS), which is about to be released on December 2, this year. I prepared. It is the first opportunity to play the world for the first time in the world of Callisto Protocol. In addition, you can also experience the on-site demonstration zone of Unknown Worlds’ turn-based strategy table-top tactics game ‘Moon breaker’.

It also offers abundant attractions for visitors on stage in the booth. In addition to the Battleground and Battleground Mobile Special Match, New state Mobile Event Match and Game Quiz, which celebrated the first anniversary of the launch, there will also be a vivid game talk show of developers who participated in the actual game development. In addition, the video of Callisto Protocol, Moon breaker, New state Mobile, and Rising Wings’s real-time defense game, which is scheduled to be released in the first half of next year, and the video of ‘ANA’ (ANA), a virtual artist of Crampon, and Crampon’s Virtual Artist. I will meet fans.

For fans who can’t visit G-Star, the vivid atmosphere of the site is broadcast live during the G-Star period through the YouTube Craft Tone TV channel. Meanwhile, G-CON, a G-CON held on November 17th, participated in the topic of ‘Game Creation’s correct thinking method’ with a speaker by Steve Apoptosis. It is going to proceed.

The G-Star 2022 Craft Tone Booth has been abundantly organized so that you can enjoy a lot of fun and fun through a lot of concerns, said LIM Woo-hoo, head of the publishing group. Through the first public demonstration, we give special pride to Korean fans, and we can also participate in existing Battleground fans.

For more information about the Craft Tone G-Star booth and event program, please visit the official website of Kraft Tone G-Star and Craft Tone TV.

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