How long does Sonic Frontiers lt? History, platinum, complete it 100%.

What h crowned Sonic Frontier the best Sonic 3D from Sonic Adventure? Well, among other things, the quantity, quality and variety of its contents . We are talking about the first saga sandbox, the first open world game after more than 30 years and 50 deliveries. But against any forect, Sega’s blue hedgehog h saved the ballot and at times even looks like an expert in the gender for how he h avoided putting the leg in filling and duration.

How long does Sonic Frontiers lt?


Our analyst, Roberto Barrage, figures the duration of Sonic Frontiers in 20 hours to overcome the story Little we deviate from the marked path. What does that mean? Well, if we go, the number could be further reduced ( perhaps until 15 ), but if at any time we let ourselves be carried and explore an area that caught our attention, or do extra and secondary missions, although only Whether to try, the game will be around twenty hours.

How long does platinum and 100% of Sonic Frontiers have?

100%, it h taken between 25 and 30 hours to complete everything . There are always Iquitos that lighten the load (today we told you how to climb to level 99 without effort in less than 10 minutes), but the average would be that, around thirty hours. These are more than aware figures to be a sandbox. The durationincrees if we look for the Sonic Frontiers platinum trophy (or the 1000g) . Our partner h taken 32 hours to get him, but admits that he h been especially ft and that it would be best to leave the average in 40 hours. Seeing his note and his analysis, it is clear that there are 40 hours in which he h not had a bad time.

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