Sudden Attack, a new solo map ‘Villa’ update

Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) updated the new solo map, Villa, on the online FPS game Sudden Attack.

‘Villa’ supports up to eight players, and is characterized by difficulties in the building and training grounds. Strategic play is required, such as entering the villa, defeating the enemy army in the garden after occupying the balcony, or attacking the enemy by quickly moving to the battlefield when spawning from the underground supply warehouse. Before the inspection on November 24, if you perform missions such as play, rank, and killing in ‘Villa’, a total of 560,000 experience, ‘VS-9 (3 days)’, and ‘Other extension permanent system’ You can get it.

In commemoration of the new map update, on November 11, the Sudden Attack BJ solo villa will be held. The game is held in the rifle and snipers, respectively, and the popular Sudden Attack BJs, such as Hacks, 슉 Man, and God Sunday, will participate. BJs who have killed the final winner and the most enemies are given a prize, and they can also obtain items such as ‘Hwang Jung-min, Ha Jung-woo Multi Count’ and SP through live broadcasting and winner prediction events.

In the same period, we operate ‘My Gun Mart’, which can acquire Mai Gun Weapon Types. If you access the game during the period, you will present 20 ‘My Gun coin’, and you can use it to obtain various weapons and skins such as ‘[m] double weapon permanent system’ and ‘[m] EVIL weapon permanent system’.

Nixon said, Special Supply until November 14th! PC Room Event. You can get various items such as’ AK47 (IS) Normal EMB ‘,’ Winchester (IS) Tempo ‘(Permanent System)’ and ‘Permanent System’.

In addition, the simplicity version of the map ‘White SCOR’, which is loved by Sutler, was first introduced in the Lank. In addition, various items such as ‘C. Rivera Custom Character’, ‘C. Rivera’ customized parts item, ‘Fearless’ skin permanent weapon, and ‘class frame permanent system’ Added.

For more information about the new solo map ‘Villa’ of Sudden Attack, you can check on the official website of Sudden Attack.

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