LOL – LEC 2023: Heretics wants to make history with a signing never seen in Europe

With the term of Worlds, the Competitive Circuit of League of Legends is currently focused on what many expect every year: the signing market . As always happens during these months, the teams of all the leagues of the world get to work to They give a remodeling of the team game most of the time.


If the 2021 market was already crazy, the 2022 is even more seeing all the leaks that have appeared in recent weeks. From Reckless returning to Fanatic to the superequipo that intends to form Excel, it seems that Heretics wants

EVIL arrives in Europe with the intention of making history

It has been Alejandro Anonymous Gomes, famous and reliable leaker of Valorant and League of Legends, who has affirmed that the Japanese To planer Unsure EVIL . We still do not know exactly how negotiations have been, but it seems that Japanese is willing to turn the world to participate in a great league such as the European.

For those who do not know, EVIL has played the last 4 international tournaments with detonation focus me and, in addition to being one of the best players in his country, he is also one of the public’s favorites. The Japanese has shown that he is able to play all kinds of champions and adapt to the team that is proposed.

This is a historical agreement, since it is the first Japanese player in the whole story that would compete in LEC . We will have to see his performance in the old continent, but we are sure that he wants to make a big leap after several years full of success in Japan.

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