PKMN generation, the book with which you will no longer need Pokedex

Games tribune magazine h announced a new one with which celebrates the 25 years of the saga Pokémon and the imminent launch of scarlet and purple Pokémon. This is PKMN generation, with which by the hand of Israel Fallen , its author, we review All the information about the origins and creators of that universe that continues to fcinate us so much later. A compendium of data and curiosities that invites us to travel from Kant to Gala to unravel all the secrets of the franchise.

Full of love and psion for the saga, PKMN generation consists of 340 full-color pages that have been designed with the greatest pampering and attention. Large format images, Unique Illustrations Courtesy of Sergio Meters, Soft-Touch touch, hardcover binding with UV effect details… an essential book for franchise lovers that will go on sale January January 2023 (although it can be reserved) and that comes in two editions:

PKMN Generation-PKMN Edition

It includes:

  • Hard lid book to matte chrome
  • Illustrated overcrowding with flaps and soft touch finish
  • UV shine covers
  • Dimensions of 17 x 23 centimeters (being closed)
  • 342 pages
  • 120 games semimate paper
  • Wire binding
  • Price of 25.95 euros (now available for reservation)

PKMN Generation-Dex Edition

It includes the same the Simon edition, more…

  • Exclusive numbered edition
  • Dutch overcrowded with soft touch laminate
  • Tap with metallic finish
  • 3 exclusive lithographs
  • Ancestral amulet (60 millimeter glitter finished metal)
  • Price of 39.90 euros (now available for reservation)

(The date is pending to confirm, but will be January 2023 except for delays due to paper scarcity or possible inconveniences outside GTM).

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