Auron sweeps Twitch with this amazing record never achieved by anyone on the platform

The world of Twitch celebrates a new record, this time reached by the Spanish streamer Aaron Play. The influencer h made his channel the first in the history of the platform to reach 500 broadcts with a peak of spectators of 100,000 people, according to the TV TOP Spain Statistics account.


It is followed by other channels of importance such Riot Games, which h already reached 330 broadcts. The next on the list is another Spanish, the incombustible IAI Llanos, who closely follows the League of Legends company and already counts 223 emissions that have risen beyond the 100,000 spectators.

Will Aaron Play leave Twitch?

Football players like Gerard Piqué hang their boots, but will a streamer like Aaron Play do the same? The words are taken by the wind, although if we pay attention to what the influencer said just a month ago, Aaron’s career will take a turn soon:

I think stroking I have a year or two left, what I am going to deceive you. I am not going to lie to you, friends. You have to be honest. It does not mean that then one will disappear, that one will evaporate or dilute. It means that there will be a step forward, progress. And maybe that progress tomorrow is a podct. Everyone gives a podct, we return to YouTube.

In recent days the greatest controversy in the world of the Streamers he from the hand of IAI Llanos, who said he did not leave the balls to go to the World Cup in Qatar on the plane of the Spanish soccer team. The Biscay h revealed after he felt anxiety for the virilization of his words.

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