[Landscape] Would you like to taste the latest Intel 13th generation? G -Star 2022 Ben Gaming Experience Zone


The first morning of ‘G-STAR 2022 (G-Star 2022)’ was bright. It felt like a slight frustration was lost for the first time since the mandatory wearing outdoor masks due to G-Star and Corona 19 infections in BEX CO, Susan from Thursday, 17th to Sunday.

The gamers who visited the scene were also more vibrant than the previous G-Star, and I could see a lot of gamers at various Ben booths. The space stepped on the eye was the tory gaming experience zone.

Woo go Hand, Custom PC with Intel® 13th generation Core ™ processor announced by Intel at the end of last year, Intel Arc, a desktop graphics card with upscale technology, and a huge ‘mega cube’ with Intel NFC mini PCs Because it was located in the center. It’s the fastest processor in the world, but I have no choice but to be curious as a fan of IT hardware. In addition, it is the first time that the arc graphics card is received in real life, so I was more excited about it.

In addition, a survey of the product in ‘Mega Cube’ and an Intel® 13th generation Core ™ processor product and a certification event to post certification images on SNS were prepared. The streamer ‘Dun’ visited the site and proceeded with the content related to the 13th generation of Intel. This is not the end. At 13 o’clock on Friday, Intel Ambassador Kim Blu is going to visit the tory gaming experience zone.

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