God of War Ragnarok: How to get Mjolnir, Thors hammer?


God of War Ragnarök has some absurd weapons that are able to kill gods. Without a doubt, one of the most desired weapons is Mjölnir, the (hammer) of Thor, the God of Thunder. Is it possible to get hammer that crushed so many giants in the game? We at MGG azil respond.

How to get Mjölnir in God of War Ragnarök?

You can’t Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer in God of War Ragnarök, and it is likely that you will not even get any future DLC. This is because the hammer was inherited by his daughter, Thru.

Although it is a little discouraging for fans, who would surely like to use the weapon to crush their enemies and cause as much damage as possible, the choice is simply what makes the most sense in the plot.

Thru is Thor’s daughter with Sigh. She is a goddess with giant blood, who has a lot of physical strength and resembles her father. Her dream was to become a Valkyrie.

After her father’s death, she carries Mjölnir and is thoughtful. Until it decides to use it and jumps absurd distances just as the god of thunder did. His decision was to be proud of Thor and follow the best way possible.

Her mother, who before she scolded her for wanting to be a Cauchy, now supported her. She wanted her daughter to become a wing warrior, but not in Odin’s service, because she knew her problematic nature.

It’s scary to think about what she would become. This is a goddess, who can also arouse giant powers. In addition to possessing all her strength, she would also become a Valkyrie, with training that would make her an unstoppable warrior. All this in conjunction with Mjölnir, one of the most powerful weapons of Nordic mythology.

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