17 years old MMORPG returns with a brand-new publisher – wakes nostalgic feelings

The developers Gravity offered up increased online in 2019-but with the promise that it might return. In September 2021, the new designers and publisher Redeem Games posted that they would take over the MMORPG and relabel it online in Rose.

After numerous alphas and closed betas, they wrote in their current post that the Early Access from Rose online begins on December 13, 2022.

Rose Online is an anime MMORPG from 2005, which set up its services in 2019. In December, it will return with a brand-new publisher.

a traditional MMORPG from before

Rose Online is an anime MMORPG that graphically advises of postal and Ragnarök online. Rose stands for Rush on 7 Episodes due to the fact that there are 7 various worlds.

You pick 4 classes (Soldier, Muse, Hawker, Dealership) and eliminates Monster to climb at the level. In time, you will discover new skills and find much better equipment.

Here you can see the trailer from 2011:

What material does it use?

  • 7 worlds that you can explore
  • Clans who combat each other in the PVP
  • Monsters are marked by colors depending on the strength. Blue is particularly weak, for instance, pink and red very strong
  • 2 different Attack modes in between which you can choose

The MMORPG is totally free, but offers store content for real cash.

fans delight in fond memories

Anyone who played Rose earlier is particularly delighted about the return of the MMORPG. Rose Online belongs to the recipients of the category, who have long considering that been dead. Fluff likewise returned and a new version of the timeless Ragnarök has actually been announced.


Under a post on Reddit, numerous users talk about the relaunch of Rose Next/Online. We recorded a few voices:

Are you anticipating Rose’s relaunch online? Did you play it back then and likewise feel fond memories for the video game? Which MMORPG from the past do you want back? Is there one that you particularly miss out on? Or do you prefer to play modern-day MMORPGs like Lost Ark and New World? Please compose it in the comments here on mango!

  • Talonthedeceiver: I still keep in mind how I played it prior to and feel blatant nostalgia.
  • Deathm00n: As a teenager, it was the best MMO. Robots battling fairies? That was so cool.
  • fragment059: The video game was fantastic, however it killed itself since they refused to repair the potion problem. If you have raised a potion, it has reset your Cooldown and the stack made you never-ceasing.
  • Bradstreet: What year do we have?
  • Nineteen hundred: Fluff relaunch, increased online launching, ion classic comes according to the EU. I hope that Rappel will come next.

In 2023 the anime MMORPG Blue Protocol appears:

New MMORPG Blue Procedure is eagerly waited for by many-we expose everything about the release, classes and gameplay

Rose Online is an anime MMORPG that graphically advises of Ragnarök and postal online. Anybody who played Rose earlier is especially happy about the return of the MMORPG. Rose Online is part of the recipients of the genre, who have long considering that been dead. Are you looking forward to Rose’s relaunch online? Or do you prefer to play modern MMORPGs like Lost Ark and New World?

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