Netflixs creators of 1899 respond to plagiarism accusations: This is going too far


The 1899 series, the new creators of the successful Dark, recently premiered in Netflix, a series that plays with the mystery and the supernatural to present a unique and absorbent story. Although there are those who think that the script is not entirely original. So much so, that after his arrival at the streaming platform, a Brazilian artist accused his creators of plagiarism for resembling his comic Black Silence of 2016, providing evidence and illustrations. Now, Barn BO Omar and Jane Aria, creators of 1899, have responded to these accusations, ensuring that they are false and that their idea for the series is completely original.

The plagiary

Thus, after the accusations of plagiarism, those responsible for 1899 have shared an Instagram publication in which they clarify the matter, denying any plagiarism and ensuring that their idea for the series is totally: I wanted to be silent, but see how the screenwriters receive Aggressive messages is going too far. They are two incredible and talented people who have put a lot of work in creating their own original story. I get very angry, and it makes me very sad to see many signed up in the car without knowing what they are talking about. 1899 is a very special project that h been working for many years and h nothing to do with the comic. But if they saw the series and read the comic we would not have this conversation. I will always defend them because I know that what they believe is always unique, said BO Omar.

For its part, Frieze adds in the same post: I have not published anything in years because, sincerely, I think social networks have become toxic. The lt 24 hours have demonstrated it again. To put him in perspective, a Brazilian artist said we stole from his graphic novel. To be clear: We have not done it! Until yesterday, we didn’t even know that it existed. In the course of two years, we put pain, sweat and fatigue in the creation of 1899. This is an original idea and is not bed on any material, he concludes.

We will see if the accusation of plagiarism goes further or stays in a more anecdote of the era of social networks in which a publication can become viral in a very short time, with or without reons.

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