Black Friday: 3 gamer chairs with discounts that reach $ 700!

The gamer chair is one of the most awaited items by the gamer community in the Black Friday season and this is especially due to the high accessory prices. If you were waiting for the perfect opportunity to ensure more comfort during the long hours of gambling, you can celeate: MGG highlights, below, 3 gamer deals with discounts that reach $700 off at Amazon’s Black Friday.


Check it out and be aware of inventory availability and price variations.

Gamer Chair Mad Racer STI

With padded coating, the Mad Racer STI Master chair gives you several hours of comfortable play. Thus, it is possible to maintain a good performance for much more matches. Tilt Mechanism allows the chair to follow the movement and slope of your body whenever you need to relax and has a height adjustment of up to 100 m. The Gas Lift feature, in turn, gives more convenience when adjusting the chair at the ideal height, using Lift gas piston technology and high quality materials.

Gamer chair Trait Snake Gaming

The Trait Snake gamer chair features ergonomic design, designed to ensure maximum comfort and the player focuses 100% in the game. It has different slope modes, adjustable arms support, 90 to 170 degree adjustment seats and 360º rotation. In addition, it is made up of a high density and soft foam and has lumbar and cervical pillows, which are also removable depending on the preference of the gamer.

Gamer Chair EC3 Black Thunderx3

The EC3 Thunderx3 Gamer Chair supports up to 150 kg and was built with Air Tech Advanced Technology, where you will have a superior eathability. It has adjustable backrest up to 180°, comes with cushion and fixed arms adjustments to assist the gamer in the most intense hours of the game. Apart from the comfort promoted by high density foam, sports design gives the setup gamer an upgrade.

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