FIFA 23: The assessment of the players of Al


Although the World Cup is being played right now, the signing market is having an impact and relevance that transcends this event. After getting rid of Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo is looking for a new home, and it seems that he will do it out of the main European leagues, heading to Saudi Arabia.

According to various sports tabloids, the bug could go to the Al-Aqsa, charging an astronomical salary for the next two and a half seasons. Many soccer fans barely know these types of leagues and competitions away from the European and some of South America, so we also put a cable thanks to FIFA 23, in which this team is and put assessment to all the members of this set.

old acquaintances in the Nasser

The Saudi team has several old acquaintances who were in several European elite teams such as David Spin, Arsenal and Naples exporter, Álvaro González, a Spanish central one who played several campaigns in France, Luiz Gustavo, who forged great Part of his career in Germany, Talisman, who militated in Benefice and Besides or Vincent Abouzeid, ex-laoreter of Porto, among others.

Without further ado, we are going to show the valuation of the most prominent players of Al Nasser and the official stockings that these have within FIFA 23.


  • David Spin: 80 valuation


  • Conan: 77 of valuation
  • Laramie: 65 of valuation
  • The MRI: 71 of valuation
  • Ghana: 72 of valuation
  • Álvaro González: 75 of valuation

Center of the field

  • Luiz Gustavo: 75 of valuation
  • Sulayhim: 68 valuation
  • Al Kiribati: 67 of valuation
  • Martínez: 76 of valuation
  • Masharipov: 72 of valuation


  • TALI SCA: 82 valuation
  • Aboubacar: 75 of valuation
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (of confirming his signing): 90 average valuation


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