No Pity: A Nasty Player Gets His Just Punishment

It’s no secret that there are a lot of grievers in GTA Online. These players love to ruin other people’s days by killing them without any warning, taking all their money, or destroying cars. One player who got his just punishment is in the clip below.

The landings in every lobby are grown and usually do not do their punishment.
Except this Sc helm, which collects karma in a viral Reddit clip.
So there is a god.


GTA Online: When the karma strikes back

Grand Theft Car Online is a huge open-world game.
Not surprising that comes across with other players are inescapable, and often they don’t end well.
An amusing example of this shows Reddit user Factored on his account.
You can see how Factored is on the move in its terror byte, a force van, obviously without active objective and without a search level.
The calm does not last, since soon later on you can see that a hydra jet gets closer.
Without warning, it opens the fire on the fear byte.
While many automobiles could most likely not have endured the surges, the truck is only thrown into the air.
To the delight of factored, the automobile hits the jet, which immediately takes off and after that sags a bounty that was exposed to the plane-karma.

the neighborhood feels with

According to Factored, the gamer in the jet had been intimidated, ravaged and killed numerous colleagues.
Many GTA players understand this scenario, appropriately the pleasure of the outcome of this scenario is excellent.
Lots of also inform of the experiences they have had in the game so far.

How is it that I constantly capture the grown that a fly can shoot with a pistol from a mile removal?
LOL, composed Reddit user Youcefbtw.
The issue is that I have too much rely on randoms, so I actually just head for individuals and expect them to be friendly.
The majority of are not, reports Remember_.

Have you currently played the GTA online extension The Contract?

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