Riot will modify one of the most controversial pings in League of Legends


This preseason of League of Legends has brought many novelties, such as pets in the jungle, decision-making to go for neutral objectives or new pings to go to an area of the map like that of BAIT, which unfortunately has been used
with other toxic purposes and not with the objective with which Riot launched him in this first contact for 2023.

After the multiple complaints for the community for its use, many players stopped using it for the connotations and for fear of using it as it was and that people could report them for toxicity.
That is why developers will try to retouch some details of it and that it has a face washing, although the sound remains the same, and many players have already been associated with that sound with the old bait and its unpleasant meaning

Riot will eliminate it and work to give it a new design

To give it a washing in the face of this logo, Riot Games has added a sheet to one sides of it.
It is true that the Bait symbol has changed something, but many users do not believe that this is enough to continue having this unpleasant connotation that some League of Legends players use to wish you the worst in life.
Unfortunately, and despite the fact that Riot Games or other games want to Complete a different sense and spoiling the experience of the game to those who seek to make a good time or disconnect from the routine.

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