New GTA Online Event: The Saints Drug Wars – All You Need To Know

GTA Online, the popular multiplayer mode of GTA V, welcomes the expected update the Santos Drug Wars, a new history mode focused on intrigues caused by a drug trafficking mafia with a first episode already available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X | s.

This first part of the event includes the first six missions with a good handful of novelties such new vehicles, gifts, extra rewards, discounts and much more.

All the news of the Saints Drug Wars

The first chapter of a new online GTA update that will make you open your mind with a group of newcomers led by DAX, a shadows that hopes to place everyone, get rich and reach the top of the criminal pyramid of the criminal pyramid
Southern San Andre, they explain from Rockstar Games.
Participate in six delusions missions of the new story in which you will help a quirky group of newcomers to the south of San Andre and set up an incipient business adventure of traffic of high quality hallucinogenic substances from a new mobile headquarters.
And it is that the Saints Drug Wars proposes a story framed in the world of GTA online, with their own characters and missions to complete.
All this from a call by Ron Wazowski, a colleague from the pt of Trevor and a member of the so-called Hooligans with DAX, fighter and lab rat.
From that moment we can start the first episode of missions with first dose to deal with the threat of the LOS.

To do this we will have a new equipment, a mobile acid laboratory at the back of the new MTL Brigade 6×6 and the Motor Zaibatsu Benches Scout C.
This new update adds new garments and tattoos such Fatal Incursion, well improvements in experience with extra payments in sales missions, the possibility of starting business sales missions from the benefactor Terabyte in all sessions or completing missions in history
of Agatha cino solo, among others.
All including up to five new vehicles:
Overflow Entity Mt available on HSW
Annie 300r
Declare Tulip M-100
Zirconium Journey II
BF Personalized Surfer
The Santos Drug Wars will continue during the next months with new vehicles, events in the world and news in the game.
We will start next week with new festive meetings and collectibles.
At the beginning of next year, Downtown Cab Co. will look for new drivers, a mobile arsenal will offer exclusive items, street camels will pay you an extra amount for your product, a garage with more squares than ever and many more things.
And how could it be otherwise, GTA online receives new content with the double of GTA $ and RP in first dose missions and in the work of the Hooligans, the possibility of winning a declare Tahoma Coupé a reward for the event of the blows
Together with the following vehicles available at the Saints dealerships:

Simeon dealership

  • Zirconium Journey II
  • BF Personalized Surfer
  • Annie 300r
  • Benefactor Krieger
  • Karin Ever on

Luxury Cars Concessionaire

  • Overflow Entity MT compatible with HSW improvements
  • Proven Italy GTB (30% discount)
    And if you want to win a Zirconium Journey II motorman you can try their luck in the fortune of The Diamond Cino & Resort.
    On the other hand, it is among the top three days in a row in Ls Car Meet to win in Windsor Drop (Coupé).
    Test vehicles are the benefactor Stirling GT (30% discount), Sister Growler and Dominator p Vapid.
    And take advantage of a 30% discount on proven vehicles Italy GTB, Karin Burma and Buckingham Vestry.

Advantages for GTA+ members

GTA+ members can enjoy exclusive advantages in the Saints Drug Wars, the new and enormous update in two parts, which will help you implement your new operation for the manufacture of hallucinogenic substances.
This includes the improvement of the acid laboratory for the new MTL Brigade 6×6 after completing first dose: derailed and obtaining the necessary laboratory equipment, well :
Buckingham Alpha-Z1 aircraft in Eli Travel
Hangar of the LS A17 airport or transfer there without additional cost
Fter 50% acid production
50% more GTA $ and RP in new missions in history that adds to this week’s bonus, offering a total of GTA $ and RP
50% more GTA $ for completing murder on commission and their respective murder bonuses
Free festive clothing, including the new sweater have you see me?
And the red and nutcracker clothing
50% discount on all armor improvements and much more

Advantages Prime Gaming

The online GTA players who link their accounts of the Social Club of Rockstar Games and Prime Gaming will receive $125,000 just for playing at any time this week.

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