The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Mark of Honor Gear

While the season 1 is just beginning, the need for a new PVP-conjure is a necessity to remain relevant.
However, sometimes you need to look good during PVP, and the best transmigrates is often locked after outdated PVP-conjugation using a currency called Marks of Honor.
Even if you have these marks, it is equally important to find out where to really buy equipment.


Fortunately, we know where all sellers of honorary signs in Wow Dragon flight are located.

where to find all Mark of Honor sellers in Wow Dragonflightlight

Each Mark of Honor seller is in a certain place depending on the expansion into which equipment was introduced.
Thus, we will share each location by additions, returning in time to The Burning Crusade.
Earth of shadows
Neutral-supplier Zeros, supplier Soul, in Tribes, the main center.
Battle for Zero
Horde-Xander Silberman in the military headquarters on the outskirts of Dazaralor.
Alliance is Marshal Gabriel in the military headquarters in Morals.
Horde-Lee, Sarah, Sarah, in the sanctuary of the abductors of the Sun in Malayan.
Alliance-Captain Roberts, Lieutenant Curtis in the Silver Enclave in Malayan
Deanery commanders
Horde-a stone guard broken fist or any of the merchants next to him, in the spear of war, Ashram.
Alliance is Holly Scylla or any of the sellers next to her in the wind of the winds, Ashram.
Mandarin fogs-both sellers of the alliance and hordes are located on the snake ridge, the Great Wall, which separates most of the lands of Mandarin from each other.
Horde-ACON of the Lord of Death or any merchants next to him in the southern part of the snake ridge.
Alliance-Ethan Nets or any merchants next to him, in the northern part of the snake ridge.
Horde-Rogok, Doris Horatius or any merchants next to them in the Hall of Legends, Grammar.
Alliance-Lieutenant Trista, captain Hammer or any merchants next to them in the Champions Hall, Storm grad.
Neutral-tiny Tiger, Camps Carlin or any merchants next to them in Dagestan, Tatars.
The wrath of the Rich King
Neutral-Trapjou Ricks, Black Fiery Claw, Heroin Steam pop, Take a Smoking Pipe, Coma side, Kylo Kelvin, everyone is in under bill, Old Malayan.
Flapping Crusade
Neutral-Kizzik Striker, Izzy Clutch or any merchants next to them in zone 52, empty.

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