ASHs Voice Actress Gives Anime Fans A Message After The Characters Farewell

Today was a trip of emotions for Pokémon fans, since it was officially announced that the adventures of Ash Ketchup and Pikachu have reached their conclusion.
This after his final victory as a champion, and honestly, is news that the followers of this program were not expected at all after so many years of having the same protagonist.

With the information released through the social networks of Pokémon, Sarah Catchpenny, who has provided the English voice of ash since 2006, went to Twitter to share a message that reflects his time with the franchise and what the
character for her.
This with a photo in which he carries a mask of the character.

It has been an extraordinary privilege to have been the English voice of ash Ketchup during what will be 17 years.
No matter what is beyond its final chapter, it will live forever in the hearts of many generations to come.
I will keep it present for all of all the ways that I can.
This type of news surely fell as a bucket of cold water not only Sarah, but to the other voice actors that will leave on the traveler of Pueblo Pal eta, because it has dozens of interpreters.
For example, in Mexico Gabriel Ramos was initially had and now, who will give the 10-year-old boy not by choice, will be Miguel Ángel Lead.
Remember that for now there will be some chapters to say goodbye to the coach, so until April the Pokémon anime will change completely.


Via: Nintendo Life
Editor’s note: The truth although finally is a step forward for Pokémon anime to fire Ash, inside many we do not want him to leave.
It feels a lot of nostalgia, but it is necessary to move on to the evolution of history.

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