FIFA World Cup 2018: EA Predicted The Winner Of The Competition In 2017

It seems like we can rely on the technology of today to give us a glimpse into the future. EA has done it again, predicting the winner of the 2018 FIFA World Cup with the help of FIFA 23 and their impressive simulation technology – see how they did it, and what this means for other predictive algorithms.

EA has currently done it once again.


You have simulated the World Cup with the assistance of FIFA 23 and in fact forecasted the appropriate winner once again.
The World Cup is over, and Lionel Messi won the title with his Argentine and stretched the desirable prize on Sunday yesterday to the sky of Qatar.
That’s not a surprise for EA Sports.
The advancement studio currently announced the winner confidently before the desert World Cup started.
At the time, they forecasted that Argentina would dominate and have currently correctly forecasted the World Cup winner four times in a row.
Because currently, 2010, 2014 and 2018 EA was in the best location with its predictions.
What kind of simulation was that?
However, the simulation of EA Sport includes much more than simply the winner of the competition.
In an introduction (through EA) they even revealed a complete competition tree consisting of top goalscorers and other awards.
Here, however, the forecasts became a little weaker.

Due to the fact that rather of Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé became the gamer with the most World Cup objectives.
Nevertheless, they were likewise ideal with the winner of the golden glove, Emiliano Martínez, as well as the best player in the tournament, Lionel Messi.
However, the last was really different from EA.
Rather of against Brazil, Argentina played the last with France.
For the Brazilians, it was currently in the quarter-finals.

The community is impressed by the ideal forecast

At Reddit, the 4th correct World Cup projection from EA huge waves.
The community talks about the inexplicably good forecasts of the advancement studio.
We have chosen a few amazing voices for you.
Hugo: This is more than odd.
Tonymartial786: Damn, that’s insane.
Please anticipate England as the winner in 2026.
Thank you quite.
Generik89: I saw this forecast in front of the World Cup and put some money on Argentina.
Thanks, EA.
Realfan91: That is fascinating.
How can you have the info, who wins?
You can’t tell me that it’s luck.
What do you say about the prediction?
Like to inform us in the remarks!
But not just EA has actually Predicted argentina as a world champ.
A French gaming journalist likewise simulated the tournament with the assistance of FIFA 23:
FIFA 23: Reporter lets the AI play through the World Cup 10 times-that’s the result

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