Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Update Causing Problems

With the recent mid-season update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, gamers worldwide were ecstatic to jump back into the game and experience some new features. Unfortunately, shortly after the release, reports about technical issues have been rising. Find out more in this article about what’s causing these issues and how it can be fixed.

As soon as again there are various reports of technical problems around Call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare 2.
We had actually currently reported on the rough launch of the title in this regard on our website.
With that on 14.
December released MID-Season upgrade there is now again a range of reports that do not speak for an enjoyable video gaming experience.
Euro gamer stresses that elements such as the very first RAID level of the game, the War zone Cup mode or a brand-new version of the delivery card came into have fun with the update.


However, thanks to the issues, these are not the focus of reporting.

Where are the problems?

Essentially, 4 major problems have appeared in the community given that the upgrade.
Numerous people in the Subreddit report that their custom weapons constructs were deleted after charging the update.
VG247 and Euro gamer emphasize that Infinity Ward has actually now been able to figure out the context in which this has actually happened.
The equipping of Gold Camos was both responsible for the reality that some of them had lost all of their weapons builds.
The loss of progress for the activation of the weapons camouflages was also an issue at times, however has actually now been treated again.
The player remained in particular upset here, because the activation for activation can sometimes take a long period of time.
While issues in matchmaking on consoles still sound painful, the message Dev Mistake 11557 triggered animosity.

The Gin site emphasizes that the gamers are affected by such news, especially on consoles.
Infinity Ward recommends that around 200 gigabytes to re-install huge video game.

More news about Call of Responsibility

In addition to the new upgrade, the focus just recently concentrated on the Nintendo Change.
Lastly, it was revealed that the Shooter brand from Activision should go back to a Nintendo console.
But the anti-cheat system from Modern Warfare 2 has currently caused discussions.
Sources: Euro gamer, VG247, PC Games Hardware, Gin
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