Nintendo Direct: Experience Timeless Classics for Free on the Nintendo Switch!

The wait ended on Wednesday night.
After nearly half a year it was lastly time again.
Nintendo delighted his fans with a new direct.


Ahead of time it was announced that the presentation would take 40 minutes and consist of new games for the first half of the year.
As always there was much more to see.
The Nintendo Change will quickly go to its seventh year and needs to gradually but certainly approach the end of its life process.
What has actually been shown suggests that Nintendo still intends a lot with the hybrid console?

Game Young Boy, Video Game Young Boy Color and Game Boy Advance are revealed

The online service Nintendo Switch (purchase now EUR 338.00) online deals virtual console classics on the switch.
Up until now, many games of the NEW (1983), the Super Nintendo (1990), Sega Mega Drive (1988) and the Nintendo 64 (1996) have been officially and legally emulated on the hybrid console.
With the Game Boy (1989) and Game Boy Advance (2001), the first handhelds of the Japanese console maker are commemorating their debut on the switch.
From now on you can play classics like Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins or The Legend of Zelda: The Finish Cap if you have completed a corresponding regular monthly subscription.
Nintendo Change Online expenses 19.99 euros a year in private membership.
This likewise consists of the timeless video game young boy.
You have to reserve the growth bundle if you desire to delight in the GBA emulator.
In general, membership including the standard package then costs 39.99 euros a year.
Referral is due for household memberships.
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