How to Beat and Capture Aerodactyl in Pokemon Go Raids: Weaknesses and Counters

Pterodactyl is an offered raid Pokémon in which you can beat and capture Pokémon Go. This is traditionally a three-star raid, which suggests that many of the greater level coaches, with the right Pokémon, can destroy it by
It is useful to have one or two extra pals to shoot him down, you need to be able to beat him.
You can randomly discover an Pterodactyl raid in among the gymnasiums offered in the video game, and if a three-star raid egg is about to hatch if you have a likelihood of seeing it appear.
It can potentially be a shiny pterodactyl.

Pterodactyl weaknesses

Pterodactyl is a flight and rock Pokémon, making it weak to electric, ice, rock, steel and water attacks.
It is resistant to Bug, Fire, Flying, Ground, Typical and Toxin type attacks, from which you require to move away.

Pokémon to counter Pterodactyl

The best Pokémon you desire to use against pterodactyl in the raid are Metagross, Swam pert and Hyperion.
Metagross is an exceptional Steel type and psychic to utilize in the raid.

He has several steel type attacks that he can utilize versus him and can reach an optimum CP of 3,791, an attack of 257, a defense of 228 and an endurance of 190. You want you to know the punch and the
Canon flash or meteor purée to utilize versus Pterodactyl.
The other load motions work, but not in this raid.
The second choice is the PVP Swam pert center, the soil and water Pokémon.
It is a favorite to utilize fight leagues by most coaches, many gamers should do their finest to attempt to add a swam pert to their group.
He has the maximum CP of 2,974, an attack of 208, a defense of 175 and an endurance of 225. You wish to utilize one who knows the water handgun and browsing, muddy water or hydro cannon.
Any of these 3 load motions should be a suitable match versus Pterodactyl.
The most recent optimum option is Hyperion, the rock and ground type Pokémon.


Although it has a variety of weaknesses, it should be a superb choice to use in the raid.
He has an optimum CP of 3,733, an attack of 241, a defense of 190 and an endurance of 251. It is a choice thoroughly calculated to use in the battle league, but ideal for the fights of Raid.
You want to utilize one who knows the playing and the demolish of rock or the edge of stone.
Although these 3 options are excellent choices versus Pterodactyl, they are not the only ones.
You can also utilize Napoleon, Elective, Haiku, Feraligatr, Mamoswine, Excedrin, Kinglier, Lux ray, Malaria Dardanian and Traitor.
When you attempt to face Pterodactyl, you require making certain you utilize a range of Pokémon that cover its weaknesses so that each attack on it counts.
When you have beat it, you can expect to attempt to catch it with a variety of first-rate bullets that you will receive at the end of the raid according to your efficiency.
The pterodactyl that you will catch at the end will have a CP from 1,515 to 1,590, or 1,894 to 1,988 if time improves.

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