Unlock the Vivarium in Hogwarts Heritage and Catch Brilliant Animals with a Star Bag+

After unlocking the vivarium in the Hogwarts Heritage, you can use a bar bag to capture animals in the open world to return them to your desired room and get magical materials from them.
There are several animals that need to be caught, and you may notice that some animals have a symbol of a star / +, which indicates a brilliant beast.
Here’s how to catch Shiny Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to find brilliant animals in Hogwarts’s Heritage?

Firstly, you will need to unlock vi varies and NASA.
They are both unlocked in the fall, performing the elf, NASA and the weaving machine the main plot quest.
This quest is activated at the beginning of autumn after the completion of the ARTIST helmet.
Having received a Gab mesh, you can go to any monsters’ lair in the open world in search of a brilliant beast.
The appearance of a brilliant beast is random and depends on good luck.
We recommend regularly checked Monster Dens for the presence of a brilliant beast.
A brilliant beast will have a symbol of the star/+ next to its floor.
You can use the disappointment of the spell to get closer to the beasts without scaring them when looking for a brilliant beast.

How to find brilliant animals in Hogwarts’s Heritage?

Catching brilliant animals is similar to catching an ordinary beast, except that they are often more difficult to catch.
Disappointment Spell will allow you to get closer to the beast.
Once there, quit Levies catch the beast in the air.
Throw off your nab spell to start capturing the beast.
When a request appears, press the interaction button.
To capture shiny animals, several simultaneous presses are often required.


If you press the button at the wrong time, the beast will run away from Levies.
However, the capture will continue until the beast goes too far.
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