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In line with the Football championship, the Super Spar Bowl runs at and up until February 13th at 8:59 a.m. with VAT discount and brand-new low prices.
The rate is so great: offers Samsung’s 980 Pro (1 TB) by subtracting the barrel share of 15.966 percent for just EUR 92.43 instead of EUR 109.99 totally free of charge.
In addition, there is likewise the larger variation with 2 TB and heat sink for only 168.06 euros instead of 199.99 euros, while the normal 2 TB design without a heat sink is currently offered out.
According to the price comparison, all prices are new deep prices-the popular SSD has actually not yet been as low-cost or cheaper.
Other traders currently require a minimum of 102 euros with shipping (1 TB) or 195.48 euros (2 TB with heat sink).
The minimized cost at MediaMarkt is only displayed in the shopping cart:
Now to the SSD (1 TB) at now to the SSD (2 TB) at

this offers the SSD

Checking out up to 7,000 MB/s and writing 5,100 MB/S The NVME-SSD Samsung 980 Pro in M. 2 format is one of the fastest PCIe 4.0 models and is aimed primarily at enthusiasts as well as professional applications.
In order to exploit complete performance, a current main board with PCI Express 4.0 user interface should also be offered.
It is also suitable for the PS5, where the version with heat sink is advised.
With 1 or 2 TB storage space, it now uses enough storage area for a few video games and other programs beside the operating system and has a five-year maker’s warranty.

evaluations and test

Leading reviews: Average 4.8 out of 5 stars in 28 evaluations on promote the SSD.
Above all, the strong performance is praised, while just in a case of non-fully reached transfer rates is reported.
In the test: The English-language site had granted the design for the release 2020 on the test bench and with a need to have award:

It has been a while ago that we have seen a high-end NVMe SSD from Samsung, and the wait was definitely worth it, due to the fact that the SSD980 Pro has once again the business in the spotlight of the high-performance customer market
Total performance
5 year guarantee
AES 256-bit file encryption
Magician software application
Needs PCIe 4.0 main board to get the very best out
checked 4K performance might not keep up with the main optimum worth
Now to the SSD (1 TB) at now to the SSD (2 TB) at

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In addition, has likewise discounts numerous other posts as part of the Super Spar Bowl or almost the entire range, all of which can be found on the summary page:
Now for all offers of the campaign
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