| ISTAF Indoor Berlin: Malaika Mihambo Wins, Gina Lückenkemper Misses World Record

Long jump Olympic champ Malika Mambo has also protected the success at the ISAF Indoor in Berlin.
The 29-year-old from LG Kurpfalz won 6.81 meters on Friday.
The two-time world champ had issues with her attempt, led from the start with 6.72 meters and after 4 void attempts flew to the victory.
Most recently in Düsseldorf, she only won 6.83 meters in the last effort.

light knee pain does not avoid Mambo

The competition is not over till the last leaping. That’s why I’m fully motivated and attempt to do my finest, stated Mambo, who, in his own words, harmed a bit.
I had to find the competition again and reconcile it, stated Mambo.


In the elite competition, the Italian Larissa Capuchin took second location in front of the broad EM 3rd Jasmin Sawyers from Great Britain with 6.69 meters.
Expiratory European champion and hall world champion Ivana Valet from Serbia was fourth with 6.66 meters.

Lückenkemper starts too weak

In front of 11,850 viewers in the Mercedes-Benz-Arena, double European champ Gina Lückenkemper took 3rd location over 60 meters in 7.16 seconds.
The native West fall began as often and was without an opportunity against the British Daryl Data, who won in 7.05 seconds.
The European season champs Lisa Mayer (7.20) and Alexandra Bernhardt (7.22) came four and 5.
In the male’s sprint, Joshua Hartmann just passed a hundredth of a 2nd past the German hall record in 6.53 seconds.
Just the British Reece Pres cod was quicker in 6.49 seconds.
Past the world record: Armand Plants from Sweden.
Image Alliance/ Forefoot GmbH/ Angler

Uplands produces only conference record

In the pole vault, Olympic champion and world champion Armand Plants won the meeting of 6.06 meters.
After that, the 23-year-old Swede narrowly failed three times at the world record height of 6.22 meters.
The Leverkusen Torn sheet metal was 4th with 5.73 meters.
The EM second BO Kinda Lisa Bare from Leverkusen just managed 5.60 meters and had to be satisfied with fifth place.

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