Roblox February 2023: All Ultimate Tower Defense Codes – Strategy, Defense, and Fun!

There is nothing better than a good tower defense game.
Not only is it super fun to create strategies and place your defensive units while waves and waves of annoying monsters try to havoc on your base, but also covers the entire range between relaxation, chill and bite your nails at the same time.
If you are here, you are probably thinking of a very specific question: what are all the Ultimate Tower Defense codes in Roblox at this time?
Well, you came to the right place.
Let’s start, okay?

All Ultimate Tower Defense codes that work in Roblox

Finally proven on February 2.
A new code was added!
Here are all the active codes you can use to exchange free things in Ultimate Tower Defense right now:
360 thousand like-5k gold (new)
2023-500 gems (only new servers)
350 thousand likes-Gold 5k
MarkerRESET6-75 Gems
360 thousand like-5k gold
Christmas2022-350 Gems

All Ultimate Tower Defense codes expired in Roblox

These codes have expired and no longer work in Ultimate Tower Defense:
340kme likes-5k gold
330 thousand likes-Gold 5k
320kme likes-5k gold
600 million visits-100 gems
End of July 4-200 Gems
Holy Week2022-250 Gems
Millions of members-500 gems
Keep green2022-200 gems
300kme likes-5k gold
310kme likes-5k gold
290 thousand like-Gold 5k
270 thousand like-Gold 5k
500 million visits-500 gems
animated-1,000 gold
Hetero –Hetero
Salsa –Here of the cat with sauce
Maja-75 gold
Merry Christmas-Christmas Spider
260k I like-free gold
240 thousand I like-5,000 gold
230 thousand I like-3,000 gold
220kme likes-3,000 gold
210kme likes-3,000 gold
300 million visits-10,000 gold
170kme likes-2500 gold
180 thousand I like-2500 gold
20Actualizations-100 Gems
200kme likes-10,000 gold
190 thousand I like-2500 gold
100 Gems-100 Gems
150 thousand I like-2500 gold
Valentine’s Day-2,000 gold
50mvisitas-1500 gold
160kme likes-2500 gold
250Mvisitas-7500 gold
05/30/2021-150 Gems
5/12-50 Gems
110 thousand I like-2500 gold
120kme likes-2500 gold
130 thousand I like-2500 gold
140 thousand I like-2500 gold
100mvisitas-2,000 gold
200Mvisitas-5,000 gold
100 thousand I like-5,000 gold
90kme likes-2500 gold
Patricio-5,000 gold
80kme likes-2500 gold
70 thousand I like-2500 gold
60kme likes-2500 gold
50 thousand I like-2500 gold
45kme likes-2,000 gold
40 thousand I like-2,000 gold
30 thousand I like-2,000 gold
25kme likes-2500 gold
Update 4-150 gold
20mvisitas-50 gold
15k I like-500 gold
10k I like-500 gold
-100 gems
Liberate-50 gold

How to redeem codes in Ultimate Tower Defense

Image source: The Roblox Corporation through
Getting codes in Ultimate Tower Defense is very easy.
Just follow these steps:
Start Ultimate Tower Defense in Roblox.
On the left side, touch the blue icon of the Twitter bird (as highlighted in the image above).
Write a code exactly as it appears on the previous work codes list.
Press redeem and enjoy your newly acquired items.
You’re welcome friends!
So, that ends things for now.


Hopefully, this has helped answer his question about which all work codes are in Ultimate Tower Defense.
To get more information, here there is a complete breakdown of all adopt me pet trade values, as well as guides that explain why Purple is in Rainbow Friends ventilation grilles and how to get all markers in Find The Markers.
Or, alternately, feel free to navigate the links below.
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