1 sound, comfortable and on offer at MediaMarkt Save Now: Logitech G533 Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset on Offer at MediaMarkt

The Logitech G533 video gaming headset fulfills all the dreams of a player heart: wirelessly, 7.1 surround sound, comfortable to use and then also at a reduced price.
If you value good sound quality, you can not prevent this offer.
At MediaMarkt you get the logitech g533 wireless Gaming Headset at a deal price of only EUR 79.99, so that you conserve 46% of the RRP of 149 euros.
Protect the logitech g533 wireless video gaming headset at MediaMarkt

functionality without unnecessary gimmicks

With its style, the G533 video gaming headset depends on simplicity and performance.
Without unnecessary gimmicks such as RGB LEDs or smart device connections, the headset offers a stereo radio connection by means of a transmitter/recipient in the format of a USB stick.
The custom-made battery provides a regard to as much as 16 hours at medium volume and can be bought and exchanged if essential.
The total charging takes about 2 hours.
Although the G533 provides a solid radio connection, the scope of movement outside the PC space is restricted.
The reception can be interrupted by a thicker or more thin walls.
The headset provides simple operation via the controls on the left earphone, consisting of volume cycle, on/off switches and an easily documentable macro button.
The microphone instantly switches when the arm is folded up.
The technical information at an introduction:
Stereo headset with 7.1 surround simulation DTS Earphone: X.
Sender/recipient in USB stick format.
securely built-in battery, lasts for about 16 hours, shop lasts two hours.
Removable ear pads for cleaning.
Half-open construction dampens significantly, but not extremely.
The surround experience while playing with DTS Earphone: X is good, the sound goes in a comprehensible way around the head.

The sound quality of the G533 is mixed, clean frequencies, but rather analytically and pushed in the general mix.
The powerful sound is appropriate for films and video games, however the playback does not look homogeneous in music.
The microphone absorbs language, but a little tinny, with a controller to manage your own voice transmission.
With the internal software from Logitech, various settings for noise and microphone can likewise be made in order to adjust both of your own preferences.
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