The Sun, the Wind and the Downhill World Championship: Disappointing Results for Kira Weidle and Sofia Goggia

A stone on the slopes would not have been that bad for Kira Wales analysis this time.
With this incident, the German ski racer had the bad performance at her start of her World Cup in the Super-G. In the descent, she now searched fruitless for factors.
The Sternberg native shouted on Saturday, stubbed a powerless from interview to interview and, after her 8th place at the alpine world ski championships in France, kept with her shoulders.

I can’t explain that I lose a lot in the upper part in which nothing remains in.

Kira Wade
I can’t describe to myself that I lose so much in the upper part in which nothing remains in there, stated the 26-year-old, who had actually taken a trip to Maribel 2 years back after World Cup silver.
Her gap to the Swiss surprise winner Jasmine Fury, who only won a World Cup race in her career, was 0.61 seconds.
The Austrian Nina Outlier was second in front of the Swiss defending champ and Olympic champ Corinne Outer.


Wade experienced the next disappointment after her 23rd location in the Super-G, when a stone on the slopes slowed and destroyed the ski down her journey.
Was it the sunlight or the wind?
Wade also looked for descriptions minutes after the race.
Too bad because it is just not the result I wanted, said the Stuttgart native.
Wade wanted gold.
With a healthy portion of mercilessness and uncompromising, the speed professional wished to dominate the rock out of iron, as the slopes translated Roc de Fer.
All of it fit the mindset and aggressiveness. It was truly a great and dedicated journey, stated the otherwise self-critical athlete of SC Sternberg.
0.49 seconds were missing out on in third location.

Loggia does not do justice to her preferred position

The medal window was more than just a little open.
Since of all individuals, Wales modeled in regard to attack and full throttle, the Italian gold favorite Sofia Loggia.

The 2018 Olympic champ was and threaded a goal disqualified.
After all, Loggia, the dominant downhill of the past couple of years, was able to prevent a fall.
In contrast to Wales teammate Emma Richer, who escaped.
For Cable, the significant event in Maribel ended without the hoped-for rare-earth element.
The departure was positive.
Snowboarding was once again where I wish to go. It wasn’t enough that day, she said.
The look for the factors continued.

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