Deutsche Bahnrad Team Shines at European Championship, Olympic Qualification Shows Weaknesses

The Golden Girls Emma Hinge, Lea Sophie Friedrich and Franziska Bruce was relied on, in Tim Torn Gutenberg the largest rail skill of the Federation of German Cyclists (BDR) loaded the development.
The four-person four-man in Tokyo with Olympic gold did not rather keep up with the European Championship in Gretchen, Switzerland.
The German Ova lass again identified the level half a year after the Festival of Munich at the title fights in Switzerland.
With 7 gold, a silver and 5 bronze medals, the BDR team won the country ranking.
It was a good start to the credentials’ series for the 2024 Olympics, stated BDR sports director Patrick Master.
We will finish even more extensive preparations in the next couple of months and try to attack a lot to assault the Olympics again, said Lisa Klein from the Gold Express from Tokyo.
It was bronze in Gretchen, which was still within the framework.
The 4 had to cope with Lisa Brenner’s resignation, and Laura Sweetemilch was simply returning from a prolonged injury.
As expected, World Champion Bruce from Meninges was likewise a European champion in a tracking.
Left in the Swiss canton of Southern on the German female’s sprint trio with Hinge, Friedrich and Pauline Grabs.
After the damper at the 2022 World Cup, in which the French snapped 2 out of 4 possible titles to the Germans, the Cottbus women again determined the level.
In the group sprint, sprint and time trial, the titles went to Germany.
On Sunday, Friedrich likewise protected the title in the Karin fight sprint for the third time in series, Hinge made it to 3rd place.


made complex location in the endurance area of the men

In the so-called Madison, the Berlin Roger Kluge and Theo Reinhardt effectively protected their title from the previous year on Sunday.
Huge skill Tim Torn Gutenberg from Perfume offered an unexpected gold medal as the winner in excretion.

The situation amongst males in the endurance area is more complicated.
Sixth location in the team tracking was a disappointments Belgium in spite of a good time of 3: 52.069 minutes before the BDR quartet.
At the Nations Cup in Jakarta (February 23 to 26) and Cairo (March 14th to 17th), in which the next and likewise substantially more Olympic points are awarded than at the European Championship, strong nations originate from abroad and Australia
Or New Zealand.
For the Olympic Games in Paris, 2 groups certify with 10 groups, 2 more than last for Tokyo.

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