Andreas Rettig Sees Football Development as Critically Unsatisfactory – Declining Emotional Interests in High-Gloss Games

The previous DFL managing director Andreas Rettig sees the advancement of football very crucial.


He has a decreasing psychological interest in the high-gloss games of these inflated competitions for years-and think that I do not have this opinion exclusively. It no longer takes me, said Rettig in front of the round of 16 in the Champions League
Tuesday in between Paris St. German and Bayern Munich in an interview with Muncher Merger/TZ.
Ideational is already the next level, I have overcome the anger, he included: If greed and sports watering are the drive, the football love falls by the wayside.
According to Rettig, this has just been strengthened by the World Cup in Qatar. The lack of interest, the truth that individuals no longer feel the psychological closeness, I do not see the romance highly created by Oliver Bailiff.
The campfire is cooled It is therefore plainly the wrong way to legitimize this economically crippling rat race, stressed the long-time Bundesliga supervisor and appealed loudly to politics: The self-healing powers of football will not be adequate.
Muzzle stops. If we do not combat, football will end up in a dead end..
After the World Cup in Qatar, everyone had to be conscious of that this has not had to do with sport for a very long time. It is about abuse of sport for political purposes. Everybody has now damasked, said Rettig.

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Because it is a fairy tale to think that sport can lead to social changes in the respective country. Just civil societies can occur, said Rettig.

If we don’t neutralize, football will end up in a dead end..
After the World Cup in Qatar, everyone had to be aware of that this has not been about sport for a long time. Everybody has now damasked, stated Rettig.
Just civil societies can occur, stated Rettig.

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