Hall of Fame Inauguration: Björndalen and German Trio – Kati Wilhelm, Andrea Henkel, Sven Fischer, and Ole Einar Björndalen

This was announced by the World Association IBM on the edge of the World Cup in Oberon on Monday evening.

Wilhelm, Henkel and Fischer from Thuringia and record world champion Björndalen from Norway were picked by the board of the IBM due to the fact that of their amazing achievements and successes in the course of their careers, it stated in a message.
All four professional athletes deserve this acknowledgment for their extraordinary achievements, said IBM President Ollie Dahlia.


You motivated us with your achievements and set the yardstick for numerous athletes who entered their steps.
In overall, all four together gathered 17 gold medals at the Olympic Games, 40 World Cup titles, 221 World Cup triumphs and ten general World Cup triumphs.
The most successful athlete of the quartet is Journals, who now works as a television specialist for Norwegian television, with 20 World Cup titles and 8 times Olympic gold.

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