How to Get a Nimbus 2000 at Hogwarts Legacy: Discover the Magic of a Speedier Flight

The brooms are fashionable in the magical world, allowing you to cross the sky at a dizzying speed.
And yet, not all brooms are equal and certain models act as an indicator of your social position.
If you want to show off your platform, you will want to learn how to get Nimbus 2000 at Hogwarts Legacy.

Adding the Nimbus 2000 mod in Hogwarts Legacy

First, it is important to keep in mind that Nimbus 2000, Fire bolt and other brand brooms do not officially exist in Hogwarts Legacy.
As the game takes place a century before Harry Potter’s events, these improved teams had not even invented.
Fortunately, if you feel comfortable by modifying your game, you can change your own ingenious Nimbus 2000, courtesy of Nexus mods.
It will replace the model in the game for Yew Weaver Broom.
With the following instructions, you should correctly install the mod.
Access the corresponding folder by opening the Steam client, selecting Hogwarts Legacy and clicking on the tooth wheel icon.
Select Manage, then examine local files.
Decomposing the ZIP file in the game folder.
The predetermined location of the game is C: Program Files (X86) SteamsteamAppscomMonhogwarts Legacy
If the mod does not work, there is the possibility of problems colliding with other mods.
Uninstalling other modifications one by one could help diagnose the problem.


With that, you will have an ingenious new Nimbus 2000 to flutter.

You will be the city’s meal (or the whispers of the tricks of the trip in time due to your futuristic technology).
As always, the modifications are not officially backed by the team behind Hogwarts Legacy or, and are installed at the user’s discretion.
Once you have achieved your Nimbus 2000 at Hogwarts Legacy you can do Cake top to go to the other guides below.
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