Return to Castlevania with Judge Belmont in the New Dead Cells DLC

The Go Back To Castlemaine DLC, which will be released shortly, supplies the 2D action platform Dead Cells with extensive thematic web content to Castlemaine.


In addition to two brand-new biomes, a new tale, opponent types and also managers, weapons, clothing and also Castlemaine tracks, it will certainly additionally be feasible to play an added degree as a court Belmont from Castlemaine: Harmony of the Evening.
The secret level is maintained in the classic Castlemaine style and also, in addition to destructible candlelights and also collectable hearts, supplies popular enemies such as skeletons as well as living shield along with an employer fight versus Medusa.
Belmont has his strikes understood from Castlemaine: Symphony of the Night.
Dead Cells: Go back to Castlemaine will be launched on March 6, 2023, for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch Over and also Computer.

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