Get a Whole Lot of Games and Support Relief Efforts for Türkiye and Syria with Humbles Charity Bundle

Modest Package has actually put up a brand-new package of games to sustain relief efforts for Turkey and Syria, after they were recently ruined by earthquakes. 100% of the earnings will certainly most likely to charity, with Modest taking no cut (and as a Humble Partner I take no cut either simply to be clear).

The monies will certainly be split between Straight Alleviation, International Medical Corps, and Save the Children. Minimum price is ₤ 24.92/ $30, and you get some high quality ready that too.

There are 72 items in there as well as I’ll detail what support condition to expect on Steam Deck and also if any are Linux Indigenous. You can examine Proton too for more information on each consisting of:

Steam Deck Verified

  • Carmelo (Linux Indigenous).
  • Calico.
  • Chris Tales.
  • Fatality Squared.
  • Euro Vehicle Simulator 2 (Linux Native).
  • Hack ‘n’ Slash (Linux Native).
  • Hyper Gun sport (Linux Indigenous).
  • Into the Pit.
  • Payday 2 (Linux Indigenous).
  • Pill Infant.
  • Area Crew: Legendary Version (Linux Native).
  • Stick Battle.
  • The Inner World (Linux Indigenous).

Steam Deck Playable.

  1. 112 Operators.
  2. Foundation.
  3. Cosmic Express (Linux Indigenous).
  4. Farming Simulator 17.
  5. Fire girl: Hack ‘n Sprinkle Rescue DX.
  6. Flynn: Son of Crimson.
  7. Ghost runner.
  8. Gotham Knights.
  9. Desire from Beyond-M Version.
  10. Mount as well as Blade: War band (Linux Indigenous).
  11. Pathfinder: Kingmaker-Enhanced And Also Edition (Linux Indigenous).
  12. Monaco (Deck Playable-Linux Native).
  13. Across (Linux Indigenous).
  14. Residues of Faith (Linux Native).
  15. Stacking (Deck Playable-Linux Indigenous).
  16. Odd Brigade.
  17. Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones (Linux Indigenous).
  18. System Shock 2.

  1. Ticket to Flight.
  2. X-Morph: Protection.
  3. COM 2 (Linux Native).
  4. Zombie Vehicle Driver HD: Full Version.

  5. 911 Driver.

  6. Representative extensive (Linux Indigenous).
  7. Alchemist’s Castle (Linux Indigenous).
  8. Gallery Spirits (Linux Native).
  9. Felines and also the Other Lives.
  10. Detached: Non-VR Version.
  11. Dough lings: Game.
  12. Dough lings: Invasion.
  13. Brick, Inc (Linux Indigenous).
  14. Guilty Equipment X2 #Reload.
  15. Weapons and also Fishes.
  16. Harmony’s Odyssey (Linux Native).
  17. Izmir: A Freedom Simulator.
  18. Lighthouse Keeper (Linux Native).
  19. Little Orpheus.
  20. Meow Express.
  21. Mirror Moon EP (Linux Indigenous).
  22. Non-Stop Raiders.
  23. Orbital Racer.
  24. Pilgrims (Linux Native).


  • World TD.
  • Job Chemistry.
  • Quadrat (Linux Indigenous).
  • Gym 9000 (Linux Native).
  • Soul Searching (Linux Indigenous).
  • Soul blight.
  • Soul flow.
  • striker.
  • Sunlight.
  • Symmetry.
  • System Shock: Improved Edition.
  • The Fantastic American Circus.
  • Worms Rumble.
  • Del.

  • Saga-Volumes 1-10.

  • Star finder Core Rule book.
  • Star finder: Junker’s Joy.



See the full package right here.

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