Long-Standing Season Ticket Holders: Meet Your Promotion Heroes and Experience a True Commitment of Love and Loyalty

A period ticket is far more than a plain admission ticket to all house games.
She is a dedication, a proof of love, an indicator of loyalty.
It attaches people that can meet house ready house game at the regular place and with whom minutes and feelings are shared.


It likewise connects the proprietor with the location, which is usually not changed for several years, sometimes also over decades.
In the summer of 2022 we called the Prussian followers with the most season tickets through Presidium participant Burkhart Crux.
The only demand: 25 should be.
At the beginning of February, the initial conference of the season ticket club in the Bode Loge in the Prussian Stadium, now a little Prussian gallery, was held.

As a club, we simply intended to claim thank you and also do something for the followers who have been supporting us for numerous, years, Burkhart Crux organized a friendly round with delicious pizza as well as one or the other bottle of beer.
And also if Prussian followers like Luger Fidel (41 season tickets), Stefan Swimmers (32), Ulrich Schultz (32), Luger Telemann (30), Christoph Swimmers (30) or Marc-Andre Deutsche (25) should be the emphasis of the evening, some prominent support from the 89 promo heroes Justus Tech, Guido Flag or Dirk Winter Season should not be missing out on.
Ulrich Schultz, permanent ticket owner since 1990/91, summed up the event in support of it: It was a terrific round that collaborated for an astonishingly amusing as well as comfortable night: six long-time Prussian fans, the 3 well-laid out SCP Old Stars and also a likeable
Host from the Presidium.
I truly appreciated the night.
I have actually experienced a great environment, extremely great individuals, vibrant and also intriguing conversations, exciting anecdotes from past SCP times, a black and also white-green feeling, loyalty to the club, a great deal of positive outlook for the current season and also fantastic expectancy
upcoming video games.
Thanks extremely a lot to be there.
It was likewise a great evening for the promotion heroes, as Guido Flee jokingly kept in mind: It was a terrific event.
I was able to make it clear that it was actually no nasty on Dietmar Coach at the time.
Anyone that has expensive the season ticket club and also contend the very least 25 period tickets will be happy to report to Burkhart Crux at burkhard.bruex@.

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