GTA Online: Single-Player Focus Enhances the Experience – Developers Say So Much Works Better

Recalling, at the beginning we were pushing gta online largely as a multiplayer experience— whether it was cooperative or affordable, we felt we needed to obtain gamers in and have a good time playing with each other in a common area, said But chard. As time took place, we realized so much of the experience works better when we give more potential to take pleasure in the game on a specific level, which the core experience can after that be altered and enhanced upon by playing with others.

We started to truly strike our stride when we began developing Heists to be usable with simply one or 2 gamers, after that building on the initial experience with social spaces like the Nightclubs, or the Online casino– spaces that could work as connective tissue for our gamers jumping from experience to experience, either with a Staff or solo.

Talking with + as component of a more comprehensive conversation on GTA Online’s longevity, layout director Scott But chard explained why the video game is mainly being developed to guarantee the single-player experience depends on snuff prior to including multiplayer aspects. According to But chard, GTA Online was initially made to be had fun with various other people, however every little thing really clicked after changing equipments to appeal more toward solo players.


Of course, the video game is still called GTA Online, which means social elements are baked into its structure, however it seems like But chard considers those aspects are supporting to the core experience, which is currently being optimized for 1-2 gamers.

The developers behind GTA Online have moved focus to make pursuits for just 1-2 players, and they claim the experience is all the far better for it.

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