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The next downloadable addition for the Horizon Forbidden West game will benefit from the capacities and features of the PS5.
Whether at the level of the ultra-fast SSD or Danseuse, the developers have made sure to doff a new generation experience with PS5 owners.
As you know, Burning Shores will be exclusive to the PS5 console and will be available on April 19.
In Burning Shores, since we focused on PS5 features, we were able to exploit them fully.
We are delighted with what we have managed to create in this incredible post-apocalyptic version of Los Angeles.
We have also created a particularly spectacular combat scene which requires a lot of memory and treatment power!
To materialize this vision, both a technical and creative point of view, we were delighted to be able to take advantage of the many advantages of PS5 equipment.

Burning Shores has also been adapted to the level of Audio 3D, and it will also use the adaptive triggers of the Dual sense.
Players who are subscribed to PS more extra and PS more premium services can get the Horizon Forbidden West game for free.
Regarding the downloadable addable, the price has not yet been unveiled, but it will be available exclusively on PS5 on April 19.

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